Principles Ray Dalio the Best Book of the Century

Principles by Ray Dalio is the must-read book for everyone, not just for business-people or investors. I have to say that when I started to read this book, I expected something more regular and conventional as most of the books on the subject of Success and Personal Development.

But I stay amazed how practical and so Open-Minded the book Principles is. Ray drills down to every aspect of becoming a better person, with better decision-making skills, wealthy and generous, while facing the problems that everyone has.

He describes how he been able to become successful and achieve what he did, using and operating through his principles that he developed for the exact above mentioned reason.

Learn where most of the people make their mistakes when chasing their goals, and learn what your own weaknesses are so you can embrace them because they are most likely the reason why you struggle to achieve your goals.

Everything throughout the book is explained in the perfectly understandable essence and language, without psychology jargon.

Ray Dalio shows you how to find, learn, and master your own principles that will lead your life where ever you decide and want. Forget about the magic tricks, this is the real path of an Entrepreneur where’s a lot of struggle and pain involved along the way, as they are necessary in order to evolve and grow.

Remember, Comfort is a killer of every big opportunity or potential. It has to be balanced with un-comfort too.

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